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"I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the term beach lolita, you know? It makes it sound like I'm some preteen girl in a bikini with budding breasts sitting on some rich daddy's lap and cock-teasing him to spite my mom, LOL! Now take a look at MY ass - and tell me there's anything preteen about these curves!"...
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"I make good money hanging around the pool at some of the larger beach hotels and meeting, um, rich gentlemen who enjoy having a bikini babe on their arm as they make the rounds of hot parties along Miami's "gold coast" - if you know what I mean! Of course, having a pair of tits like these gets me in to ALL the parties! LOL!"...
"Are you looking at my tits or my camel toe?, LOL! Don't worry, I know my pussy lips stand out in my bikini bottom, but trust me, it gets me noticed! And that's what a bikini model wants - to get noticed! I actually try to find the tightest pair of bikini bottoms I can find, usually in the preteen girl's section. A girl's got to use ALL her talents, right!"...
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"I'm a beach lolita, yep, no doubt about it! I train long hours in the gym so I can fit into the smallest bikini I can find. Not that I keep the top on all that long. I mean, with breasts like these would you? I can tell every head on the beach turns when I walk by topless, LOL! It's FUN!"...
"I'm no ones lolita or little girl! I'm a bikini babe that will fuck your balls off if you're good enough to hang with me...and my girlfriend. I'm bisexual and always looking to hookup with hot couples or nice, eh, wealthy men, hehe. Want to see more of me and my bikini babe friends getting naked and nasty?

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