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"I love finding bikinis that are sheer or see thru. I think it's a gas to see all the guys on the beach get hard when I walk by because they can see my nipples or landing strip, hehe...and the girls?Well, let's just say I don't have to worry about getting a date on a Friday night!"...
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"I heard an older gentleman I was dating casually refer to me as his sweet little beach lolita. Ha! I might be petite, but I'm nobody's little girl, but for a new car and apartment I will call you daddy if you like. LOL!"...
"I bet you can't wait to get your hot little hands on these, huh? Sorry! You have to come to my favorite topless beach down here in Mexico. Tons of hot half-naked girls and lots of horny guys looking to fuck a bikini babe. With all that naked lolita flesh on display, you're sure to get an eyeful..or a handful!"...
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"I love going topless at the beach, but often keep the tips of my breasts covered so my nipples don't get burned. I have really sensitive nipples and my boyfriend says he likes seeing tan lines when I take my top off in the bedroom. He calls me his beach bunny, but I don't care, just so he lets me play with his gorgeous black cock!"...
"I from a country where they get VERY upset if a girl or woman goes topless at the beach. As you can probably tell from my picture, I don't live there anymore, LOL! I'm hanging with pretty young girls who love to be sexy and provocative in their bikinis, and we've got a website where you can see ALL sorts of naughty (but sexy) things. Come see MORE OF US HERE!"
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